Kayaking the Atlantic Ocean

Here’s a photo of Kacie that I made while we were Kayaking the Atlantic in July of 2012. You can see Disney’s Vero Beach Resort on the shore.




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Self Portrait Underwater

Here’s a photo I made of Kacie and I while swimming in Disney’s Vero Beach Resort pool during our trip there in July of 2012. I used my Panasonic Waterproof Point and Shoot.




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Kacie at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Here’s my daughter Kacie at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort in July of 2012.



After a few days of opening her eyes in chlorine and salt water, Kacie’s eyes are bloodshot, but she was having a great time, I can assure you.



I love her Minnie Mouse dress, she’s fond of it too.


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Kacie Jumps from our Sea Doo into Savannah Bay

Here’s a couple from last summer that I made with my Panasonic Waterproof point & Shoot.





Kacie’s joy and the setting sun made these pictures worthwhile!


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I’ve been away

I haven’t posted here in a year. I was posting at least once a day for quite some time. Recently I’ve started taking pictures again and I believe I’ll start posting here again too. I even have a new wide angle lens. It’s the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8!! The first thing I have to do is get caught up! I have several pictures that I’d like to post from the past year. They’ll be posted here soon.


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Great Egret

My daughter and I were in Savannah Bay, our favorite place to ride our Sea Doo, when we spotted a Great Egret on Thursday June 7, 2012. We didn’t have the camera that day. We came back on a rainy Sunday June 10, 2012. This time we had the camera and though the Egret was shy we managed to find it sitting still long enough to make this photo. Enjoy!

Great Egret in Savannah Bay TN

Great Egret


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Kacie at the helm of our Sea Doo

We traded our 22′ Four Winns and picked up a much cheaper and arguably more fun Sea Doo GTI 130 Personal Water Craft.  The GTI 130 has two keys. One will let you operate it at it’s maximum velocity. The other key is called a “Learning Key” and you can set it to 5 different levels of skill. I programmed it to the lowest level and took Kacie to Savannah Bay in Ooltewah, TN.

Savannah Bay is several acres in size so it has plenty of room for Kacie to cruise around without running into anything. To get into Savannah Bay you have to pass under a low bridge so you don’t find many big boats there and the big waves that they make.

Here’s a few pictures of Kacie at the helm of the Sea Doo in Savannah Bay using the Learning Key at the lowest setting. She had a ball!

Kacie Thach Sea Doo GTI 130 Learning Key

Kacie Thach Sea Doo GTI 130 Learning Key

Kacie Thach Sea Doo GTI 130 Learning Key

These pictures were made on May 20, 2012. This is about 3 weeks before Kacie’s 9th birthday.

I used my Panasonic waterproof point and shoot camera for these pictures.


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