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Spooky Looking Tree

During my family’s visit to Enterprise South Nature Park last Sunday, we hiked a new trail for us called Boulder Point Trail. It’s the most remote of the hiking trails there.  While on this new to us trail we found … Continue reading

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January Moss

I’ve been going to Enterprise South Nature Park with my family on a regular basis this winter. It’s a beautiful park with lots of hiking trails. In the winter there is not a great deal of green to see, most … Continue reading

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Kacie Paige Thach

Why would I waste time taking pictures of Cardinals when I could take pictures of Kacie!?!? Here’s Kacie ready to help me photograph Clifford the Cardinal. -Phil

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Clifford the Northern Cardinal

I started talking about this Cardinal a few days ago in a blog entry called “Room for Improvement”. This morning my eight year old daughter and I could hear him peeping from the bay window in the kitchen that looks out on … Continue reading

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1991 American Silver Eagle

Here’s a couple of macro photographs of my 1991 American Silver Eagle coin. I’ve had this coin since about 1994 or so. I think it was a prize for winning an inspection at a restaurant that I used to manage. Like with my Susan … Continue reading

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Room For Improvement

We have a row of eight Leyland Cypress that we planted during the summer of 2003 as a screen between us and our next door neighbor’s yard. We spaced them ten feet apart and now in January of 2012 they are around twenty feet tall … Continue reading

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My First Insect Macro

So far I’ve only been making Macrophotographs of inanimate objects. I hope to get to a point where I can make Macros of insects. Last night as I came in from work I noticed a moth on the siding by … Continue reading

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