Around the House Macros and a Tripod

Macrophotography, or stuff I shot without leaving the house. That’s a really nice thing about shooting macros. No gas was wasted in the making of these images. Also, it’s cold outside right now in mid January. Who wants to go outside anyway!

I had been comparing all the different ways to make macro images without buying a dedicated macro lens and I had the urge to do some more shooting when I came up with the idea of combining the Macro Extension Tube with the Reverse Macro Technique.

My daughter got a Yahtzee game for Christmas and since then our family has been playing nearly every night. It’s a really fun game and I have fond memories of playing with my older sisters when I was about my daughters age. (8) I had the idea to make a macro photograph of one of the dice. So before we got started I made the following picture.

Yahtzee Die made with Macro Extension Tube & Reverse Lens

Yahtzee Die made with Macro Extension Tube & Reverse Lens

I have been doing all of my Macro photos so far hand held. The more magnification I get out of my cheap macro rig, the less light I have. So, I have been bumping up the ISO in an effort to keep the shutter speed fast enough to avoid too much blurriness.

Later I was talking in chat with Bret Douglas and he mentioned that light is also a problem with his amazing 5:1 macro lens and that he had been exposing his images for around 30 seconds. Well, Bret is a great photographer but I knew at 30 seconds he MUST not have been making his macros hand held. So I went back to the drawing board with this new information and made this photograph of the Statue of Liberty on the back of a US $1 coin.

Statue of Liberty on a US $1 Coin

The Statue of Liberty on a US $1 Coin (Macro Tube & Reverse Lens)

With the camera on a tripod the image seems sharper than my other macros have been. Perhaps not as sharp as Bret’s but a step in the right direction. I had been thinking I should be on a tripod the entire time. Now instead of moving the camera in and out to focus, you move the subject!

Here’s a picture I made of the D7000 with Macro Extension Tube and Reversed Lens mounted on my Tripod and focused on the US $1 Coin. The Coin is propped up by a mint to make the angle right. (High tech huh?)

Nikon D7000 with Macro Extension Tubes and Reversed Lens Installed

Nikon D7000 with Macro Extension Tubes and Reversed Lens Installed

With this tripod setup, I don’t have to use the bright shop light that I had been using since I started with the extension tube. You can see the shop light on the floor. Of course, the light over the kitchen table is pretty bright so that helps.

I’m sure I’ll be sharing some more around the house Macros soon.

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