More From Aldrich Falls

I talked in a post the other day about how John Aldrich had found a little waterfall on the side of a road here in Hamilton County Tennessee. He shared some pictures that he made of the falls with our local photography group and soon a few of us were taking pictures of it. It’s a great looking little falls. I decided to name the falls after him. I know I’ve posted a lot of pictures from this place. There were two in the original post and there is a rotating header photo on this blog and one of the images in that rotation is of Aldrich Falls. Now I’m posting two more. Well, I like this place a lot. In fact, if we get some snow this winter I believe some of us from the photography group plan to try to get there for some more pictures.

Here’s another angle of Aldrich Falls with long exposure for a smooth and silky look that wasn’t included in the original post. This is probably my favorite of the photos I made of Aldrich Falls that day.

Aldrich Falls

Aldrich Falls

In another post I talked about wide-screen, panoramic aspect-ratio pictures. While I was at Aldrich Falls, I made sure to make a picture that was conducive to an extra wide-angle crop. This one was made from a pretty good ways down stream.

Aldrich Falls Panoramic Crop

Aldrich Falls Panoramic Crop

Click on the images to view the full size version. I hope you enjoy them!

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5 Responses to More From Aldrich Falls

  1. Tim Childers says:

    OK, this is too funny. I had no idea you had named this after John. There really IS an Aldrich Falls out near Seattle. I know because I googled it see where you might have taken this picture! I love the panoramic crop by the way. I’ll be looking to do something like that soon!

  2. Phil Thach says:

    I have no idea what that little stream or branch is actually called. One day I may learn the real name, until then it’s Aldrich falls. One thing is certain. It’s a photogenic spot. I’m glad you like the panoramic crop! Thanks!

  3. Alex Teach says:

    *Hide that location well, or Bob Corker will build a Wal Mart on top of it.

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  5. Funny what you can find when you google your last name. I was very surprised to see your wonderful panoramic of Aldrich Falls, a format that I obviously love. Thanks- I look forward to a visit out there one day.

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