Chickamauga Dam Spillways

If you live around Chattanooga Tennessee, you know that we have had a lot of rain this winter. The Tennessee River is flowing very strongly because of all this rain and TVA has opened many of the spillways at the Chickamauga Dam to accommodate the extra flow. This makes for some nice looking man made waterfalls. I decided to shoot a Telephoto shot of a couple of these spillways after using my telephoto lens to take several pictures of some Great Blue Heron that were on the riverbank that day. If I hadn’t seen the birds I would have had a wide angle lens on the camera for shooting the spillways and never would have gotten this shot which I like better than the wide angle shot I made of the Dam that same day. Sometimes things just work out.

Chickamauga Dam Spillways January 19th 2012

Chickamauga Dam Spillways January 19th 2012

As usual you can click on the image to see the full size version.

In another post recently I talked about using a long exposure to blur a waterfall. I tried that on these spillways but ended up going with this fast shutter speed shot. The fast shutter speed shot seemed to capture the power of the water better in this situation. Also, the long exposure version didn’t capture the mist at the bottom of the spillways as well.

According to Wikipedia, the Chickamauga Dam was completed on January 15th 1940. When this picture was taken in January of 2012 the Dam had just turned 72 years old!

I love the color of the aged and weather beaten concrete.

I hope you enjoyed this photo.

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3 Responses to Chickamauga Dam Spillways

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  2. Tammy says:

    Very nice. Wondering if you would allow us to purchase a photo or two for our conference room here in Chattanooga…?

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