Clifford the Northern Cardinal

I started talking about this Cardinal a few days ago in a blog entry called “Room for Improvement”.

This morning my eight year old daughter and I could hear him peeping from the bay window in the kitchen that looks out on to the row of Leyland Cypress where he lives.

We came up with a plan. I would stay still while my daughter would walk around the Leyland Cypress screen. Hopefully this would make the bird fly to a spot where I could see him. The Cardinal had other ideas. With one of us on both sides of the screen, he flew to the top of a tree across the street. This tree was not an ever green so I was able to get a clear shot. The only problem is it wasn’t a close shot.

My best telephoto lens can make a pretty good close up shot from twenty feet or so as you can see here.  At distances greater than that and at maximum zoom it is not as sharp as I would like.

Clifford the Northern Cardinal Cropped

Clifford the Northern Cardinal Cropped

The tree that the Cardinal flew to was about twenty five feet tall and we were about forty feet from it. To get the bird to fill the frame I had to crop the majority of the picture. You can really see the lack of sharpness. Still, this is the best picture I’ve gotten of the Cardinal so far.

Clifford the Northern Cardinal

Clifford the Northern Cardinal Maximum Zoom Not Cropped

Above is the same photo but with no cropping at all.

Clifford the Northern Cardinal Rule of Thirds Cop

Clifford the Northern Cardinal Rule of Thirds Cop

In this third version I tried to crop the image only slightly. I was hoping to make a good composition using the Rule of Thirds.

As in my first blog entry about this photographing this bird, there is still PLENTY of room for improvement.  It’s late January now and as I mentioned in the other post, my goal is to get a really good picture of this bird by fall.

My daughter decided that we needed to name the Cardinal. She started coming up with lots of random names for it. I told her the name needed to have something to do with the color red. She said “Clifford!” so that’s what we went with.

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