January Moss

I’ve been going to Enterprise South Nature Park with my family on a regular basis this winter. It’s a beautiful park with lots of hiking trails. In the winter there is not a great deal of green to see, most of the trees are not pine trees there, at least not along the trails we hike and jog on. In some areas we have observed some beautiful patches of Moss.

The bright green moss really pops against the muted browns and grays of the forest in winter. These images have not had their color saturation boosted, this is how bright the moss is straight out of the camera.

Moss at the base of a tree

Moss at the base of a tree

Looking closer you can see some of the shag carpet like texture of this type of moss.

Moss Close Up

Moss Close Up

With the 10x Macro filter you can see the detail of the moss, larger than life.

Moss with 10x Macro Filter

Moss with 10x Macro Filter

You can click on any of these pictures to see a full size version for more detail.

I don’t know the name of this type of moss. If you are a moss expert and know what it’s called, please leave a comment below.

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6 Responses to January Moss

  1. Ron Bingham says:

    Sterling Moss.

    • Ron Bingham says:

      Upon further reflection (and Googling), it looks like “mood moss” per this info sheet:


  2. Ron Bingham says:

    Got it! Dicranum Scoparium!

    • Phil Thach says:

      That looks a LOT like it. This moss didn’t have the stem like that does. Otherwise they are identicle.

      • Ron Bingham says:

        How ’bout we agree it’s probably one of these:

        Dicranum acutifolium
        Dicranum angustum
        Dicranum bonjeanii
        Dicranum brevifolium
        Dicranum condensatum
        Dicranum elongatum
        Dicranum flagellare
        Dicranum fragilifolium
        Dicranum fulvum
        Dicranum fuscescens
        Dicranum groenlandicum
        Dicranum howellii
        Dicranum latifolium
        Dicranum leioneuron
        Dicranum majus
        Dicranum montanum
        Dicranum muehlenbeckii
        Dicranum ontariense
        Dicranum pallidisetum
        Dicranum polysetum
        Dicranum rhabdocarpum
        Dicranum scoparium
        Dicranum spadiceum
        Dicranum spurium
        Dicranum tauricum
        Dicranum undulatum
        Dicranum viride

  3. Phil Thach says:

    Or maybe Sterling Moss, like you said in the first place! 🙂

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