Hamilton on Hunter Deer

Early this morning, 2-2-2012, I headed out to take some pictures. I was planning on going to the Chickamauga Dam to see if the water was still flowing wide open through all of the spillways there like it has been recently.

I live in a Subdivision called Hamilton on Hunter. It’s huge. It’s a mile and several turns from my house to the main artery, Hunter Road. There are a pair of TVA Power Lines that run right through the middle of Hamilton on Hunter. Sometimes you can spot deer in the cleared areas below them.

As I made the right turn from Riley Road on to White Tail Drive I noticed some deer at the edge of a small wooded area there, they appeared to be heading to the clearing where the power lines run.

I’ve spotted deer there many times in the nearly nine years that we have lived in Hamilton on Hunter. I was always in a hurry, on the way to or from work and didn’t have my camera. Today was different, I was going out to take pictures, my camera bag was right beside me and I already had my 55-300mm telephoto lens installed on the camera.

I stopped on the side of White Tail, flipped on my hazard lights and got out. I went around the wooded area to try to get a photograph as they went to the cleared area. I was at the bottom of a steep hill when the first one came out of the woods at the top of the hill in front of me.

White-Tailed Deer

White-Tailed Deer in Hamilton on Hunter Subdivision

There were two more but they stayed in the wooded area. After making a few pictures I climbed the steep hill. As I did the deer doubled back into the wooded area. I followed slowly. There were three deer but the other two stayed further back while this one allowed me to get close enough for a picture a couple of times.

White-Tailed Deer

White-Tailed Deer in Hamilton on Hunter Subdivision

Once they went back into the woods most of the pictures I made were blocked by trees but I liked this one even with a small tree right in front of the deer.

White-Tailed Deer

White-Tailed Deer in Hamilton on Hunter Subdivision

I had the camera in Aperture Priority Mode so I didn’t have to worry about setting the shutter speed. Once in the woods I had to focus manually because the camera was trying  to focus on the brush in front of the deer instead of the deer itself.

I’ve attempted to photograph deer at the near by Enterprise South Nature Park several times since I bought my new camera but these are my best deer pictures so far.

We are planning a trip to Cades Cove where the deer are said to be more forgiving to photographers. Hopefully after that trip, these will no longer be my best deer pictures. These will still be special though because they were made so close to home.

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4 Responses to Hamilton on Hunter Deer

  1. Great pics! When we lived in Flagstone we put deer corn out back, out backyard was all woods, and they would come right up to the house. I miss that. We went to Cades Cove a few months ago, but they were burning the grass, so it was really smoky that day. As we were driving by one area (we had already stopped and Paul was not stopping again) there were people litterally 6 feet away from the deer taking pictures and they didn’t flench. So yes, you can get REALLY close to them there. It is where the old log cabin is way back in the field. You will enjoy Cades Cove. Beautiful area!

    • Phil Thach says:

      There are some houses in HoH that have back yards connected to woods. I wish ours was one of them!

      Thanks for visiting my blog Darleen!

  2. Ron Bingham says:

    I’m betting that if you take a thousand more deer photos, these will always remain special. The first one is my favorite where you’re obviously getting a serious check out.

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