Great Blue Heron with Fish Hook in it’s Leg

I went to the Chickamauga Dam on February 2nd 2012 to make some pictures. This is the last of six blog entries of pictures from that one day. Some days are better than others! I made a few Great Blue Heron pictures but this one bird really caught my eye.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

The first thing I noticed is that it had a strand of yellow monofilament fishing line hanging off of it. I believe, though I don’t have a clear picture to show it, that this bird had a fish hook in it’s left wing that the line is connected to.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron with Fishing Line Attached

In order to see the line you must click on the image for the full size version.

When I got too close and the Heron flew away I was amazed to see a fish hook with sinker imbedded in the birds leg. I didn’t get a good full shot of the bird as it flew away but I did get a very clear shot of the hook in it’s leg. I like fishing but seeing this makes me consider giving it up.

Great Blue Heron with Fish Hook Embedded in it's Leg

Great Blue Heron with Fish Hook Embedded in it’s Leg

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6 Responses to Great Blue Heron with Fish Hook in it’s Leg

  1. Ron Bingham says:

    I didn’t see any evidence of the monofilament line still tied to the hook (in the bird’s leg.) Do you think it’s just wrapped around his left wing somehow? And do you suppose there may be a wildlife group here in Chattanooga that could trap the bird and remove the hook. line, and sinker?

  2. Phil Thach says:

    I think there is another hook in the birds left wing. I don’t have good photo evidence of that however so I didn’t present it here.

    • Ron Bingham says:

      I’ve got a call in for a lady with the East TN Wildlife Rehabilitation group who’s a waterfowl expert. If there’s anyway to help this bird, I’m hoping she’ll know how to do it . . . will advise.

  3. Ron Bingham says:

    Doesn’t look like the lady at the Wildlife Rehabilitation group is gonna return my call. so I hope the bird can make it OK on its own.

  4. Phil Thach says:

    That hook looks like it’s been there for a very long time. He’ll probably be ok. Still a nice gesture trying to get the bird some help Ron.

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