Misti and Kacie at Laurel Creek

This is the sixth blog entry featuring pictures from my family’s trip to Cades Cove, Tennessee on Superbowl Sunday, February 5th 2012.

I posted a family portrait with nature a few days ago that I made of my family at Laurel Creek. This shot was made on that same day about fifty yards down stream.

I was playing around with long exposures, trying to find just the right amount of time to capture the motion and power of the falls without making it look too silky. About the time I settled on 1/15th of a second as the perfect amount of time, Misti and Kacie wandered into the frame.

Misti and Kacie Thach at Laurel Creek

Misti and Kacie Thach at Laurel Creek

I always like to take pictures of Misti and Kacie and having them in the picture gives the viewer an idea of just how big this falls is. Without them there you might think this one is as small as “Aldrich Falls“.

As I stood downstream with the camera I started making all sorts of poses. Misti and Kacie copied their silly Husband/Daddy and I snapped away. This was the pose that I liked the best.

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