Black Vulture and Road Kill (Not Pretty!)

On Thursday February 16th 2012 I was driving down Amnicola Highway in Chattanooga, Tennessee towards Ross’ Landing when I spotted a couple of Black Vultures eating something on the shoulder of the other side of the road. I got off at the exit that takes you to UTC and turned around. I wanted to see if I could get some pictures of the birds in the act of scavenging.

When I arrived I stopped about seventy five yards away from the birds. There were two eating and another hiding in some brush just off the road. When I got out of my truck one stopped eating and joined the other in the brush. This one wasn’t shy and kept working on the road kill.

Black Vulture eating Road Kill Rabbit

Black Vulture eating Road Kill Rabbit

When I drove past the smashed Rabbit was on the shoulder of the highway. By the time I started taking pictures the Vultures had pulled it off of the shoulder and onto this grassy hill on the side of the road.

I kept inching closer and making pictures until finally the Vulture that was still eating stopped to take a look at me.

Black Vulture with Bloody Beak

Black Vulture with Bloody Beak

Road Kill rabbitThis was as close as I got before the vultures decided to fly across the highway and land on a street light, leaving me alone with their somewhat disgusting feast.

If you really want to see the full size version you can click on the thumb nail.

Black Vulture Landing

Black Vulture Landing

Black Vultures on Street Light

Black Vultures on a Street Light

 After I made this last picture I got back in my truck and drove away. I made a U-turn  as soon as possible. When I passed this spot again the vultures were back on the ground enjoying their smashed rabbit.

While I was making these pictures I thought these were Turkey Vultures but when I got home and did some research I figured out that these are Black Vultures.

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