Turkey Vulture on Hunter Road

Sunday February 19th 2012. My wife and I were coming home from lunch and driving along Hunter Road when my wife spotted a large bird not far from the road. I was driving and paying attention to straddling the road kill Opossum that was in my lane.

When she mentioned the bird I stopped, parked and walked back to the area where the large bird was. There were two of them. Turkey Vultures! They must have been waiting for the nearly non-stop Hunter Road traffic to let up so they could eat that smashed Opossum.

They didn’t like my arrival at all. I was able to get off very few shots before they fled the scene. The best of those shots is below and even though it’s not in perfect focus, I still like it for what it is. Hopefully you will like it as well.

Turkey Vulture on Hunter Road

Turkey Vulture on Hunter Road

The road kill Opossum is what the Turkey Vulture is looking at across the road, the other Vulture had already spotted me approaching and left the area.

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