Mission Accomplished

I’ve been working on taking a decent picture of the Northern Cardinal that we have living in the row of Leyland Cypress beside our house for a while now. In fact, it’s been a month since I posted “Room for Improvement“. I got some good Northern Cardinal pictures at my friend Mickey’s recently but it wasn’t until this morning, February 24th 2012, that I managed to get a good picture of our Cardinal that my daughter named Clifford.

I’ve been putting out Black Oil Sunflower Seed since that day at Mickey’s house. On most mornings I see Clifford and or the Female Cardinal that we named Mrs. Clifford eating seeds but as soon as I show up with the camera, they are gone.

Clifford the Northern Cardinal eating Sunflower Seed

Clifford the Northern Cardinal eating Sunflower Seed

Today when I got up to get ready for work I opened the window and placed the camera there pointing in the direction of the seeds. I set everything up including focus. Then I went about my business of getting ready for work. While I was eating my breakfast I heard the distinct sound of a Cardinal chirping. I creeped slowing to the laundry room window and managed to get a few pictures and a VIDEO off before Clifford got his fill and flew away.

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