Three Eyed Pair

I got up early on Sunday Morning, February 26th 2012 with the idea of taking some pictures of whatever birds showed up to eat the Black Oil Sunflower Seeds that I had put out the night before.

Here’s a pair of House Finches that stopped by to enjoy the seed.

Male House Finch

Male House Finch

I was thinking that I don’t remember seeing these around my neighborhood when I was a kid and used to play outside all the time. After looking into them,  I now know why. These birds were not in Tennessee until the late 1980s!

Male House Finch

Male House Finch

 Male and Female House Finches

Male and Female House Finches

While I was taking pictures of these finches I thought the female looked unusual. Some of the feathers on the left side of her head were always out of place. It wasn’t until I was processing these pictures that I realized that her left eye was missing!

Female House Finch with Missing Left Eye

Female House Finch with Missing Left Eye

I wonder if she hatched that way of if she survived some sort of attack from a cat or bird of prey or something.

She gets around just fine and seems to be eating well. Perhaps she will live a full life.

Here is a VIDEO that I made of the Three Eyed Pair eating.

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2 Responses to Three Eyed Pair

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  2. Ron Bingham says:

    With the way the feathers are out-of-place around her missing eye, my money’s on some type of attack she survived.

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