Street Photography

During the Month of February, Scenic City Photo Enthusiasts, a Facebook photography group that I’m honored to be a member of, had a monthly photo project, Street Photography.

According to Wikipedia, Street photography is a type of documentary photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places such as streetsparksbeachesmallspolitical conventions and other settings.

I went to the area around the Tennessee Aquarium and made of few Candid shots with my Sigma 150-500mm lens. Not many people paid any attention to me and my giant lens at all which was surprising to me.

The first candid shot I got that I really liked was this young man roller blading through the park, he blasted through really quickly but I managed to get one shot of him in focus and clear and then he was gone.

Roller Blading at the Tennessee Aquarium

Roller Blading at the Tennessee Aquarium

I made a few more pictures around the Aquarium and then I noticed across the street a local downtown fixture. Boot Roots is the name he goes by. I made this shot from so far away I don’t think he even noticed me. This was in the early afternoon on a weekday in February and no one was around him.

Boots Roots, Ready to Jam

Boots Roots, Ready to Jam

This picture of Boots Roots ended up winning the photo of the month after some really strategic whining by me and a gracious gesture by Bret Douglas whose beautiful cityscape was originally announced as the winner.

Street photography is fun and exciting. I’m not sure if I would have ever tried it if it weren’t for the photo project in Scenic City Photo Enthusiasts so a big thanks to Wagner Abercrombie for the group and the idea.  I haven’t done any Street Photography since these were done but I plan to try some more in the future at some point.

As always, thanks for visiting.


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