Self Portrait at the Helm

The subject of the Scenic City Photo Enthusiasts photo of the month competition for March is self portraits. I made this shot of myself zipping my boat around Harrison Bay on Chickamauga Lake on March 15th 2012.

My tripod kept trying to fall over so I strapped my camera bag to the tripod and that kept it in place long enough for me to make a few photos. You can see the wireless remote shutter release that I used to snap the picture in my right hand.

Self Portrait at the Helm

I like the way the blue sky, green water and my blue/green Four Winns T-Shirt look together.


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2 Responses to Self Portrait at the Helm

  1. Alex Teach says:

    RUB IT IN, sir. My heals haven’t BEGUN to heal…so RUB IT IN, sir! OUCH!

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